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Sometimes you get to pick the brands

Sometimes brands get to pick the you

Brands can pick you in their marketing target when they want to introduce their product. Why you? Because you and your family are exactly who they are looking for! They want you to get to know them and their products.

We make sure brands have quality products to offer you. Building a sustainable relationship between brands and families.

OR! You can pick the brands which have offerings/products/gifts that you want to receive. We give you the option to select if you want to be engaged by them!

Access these packages when you register or through your account. Some packages may require opt-in to partner programs.

Isn’t that great?

RULES (for brands and family members):

  1. Access is restricted to MEMBERS ONLY! Register here
  2. Either before or after you receive a package, we need you to spread the word. Why? It’s a 2-way street. You want to learn about products first-hand and brands want you to use, love, buy again and recommend their products to others. You’ve heard of crowd-funding? We call this crowd-marketing. If you spread the word for the brands, they can spend their marketing budgets on giving you product instead of on banner ads,spam and billboards. Case and point: you can wash your baby with baby dove body wash, but you can’t wash your baby with a billboard.
  3. Keep your profile current and accurate! Brands turn to us to speak specifically with you. The more accurately they are able to do so, the more successful their marketing dollars are spent, and in turn the larger the programs brands can justify running with us in the future.
  4. This rule is for the brands: NO SAMPLE PACKETS!!!! That’s right, we ask more of you, and we do the same with our brand partners. When they ask us what to give you, we say full or travel-size product only!!!

Haven’t received a free package yet?

Remember to respond to surveys and spread the word. Members who receive but do not share or spread the word are automatically excluded from future free packages. Why? Because it’s all about helping brands to more efficiently meet their goals and thus direct more marketing dollars to giving product to you.

Received a free package and want more?

Some packages you get to pick. Have you selected any of them?

Some packages brands pick you. Haven’t been selected? Try adding more details to you membership profile. That way, when a brand tells us who they want to give to, you’ll have a better chance of being selected.

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