No. We believe it’s what’s inside that counts. To the contrary, we are concerned with cardboard sleeping boxes for the following reasons:
1. Cardboard “baby boxes” may prove unsanitary when used regularly, no matter how pretty they look when we first see them.
2. There are potentially many opportunities for a cardboard “baby box” to be misused, damaged or be otherwise unsafe whereas approved retail bassinets would not be.
3. If parents need the financial support in acquiring a bassinet, there are many many organizations, second-hand retailers to ensure one be made available.
4. There are many decisions and challenges as parents that we will face in raising our children that we may or may not initially be aware of. Knowing that baby will need to sleep somewhere more obvious than the difference between a swaddler, swaddle cloth or transfer blanket.
5. It is misleading to claim that cardboard “baby boxes” will reduce the risk of SIDS/Infant Mortality using the Finnish model as an example because we are not living in 1938 Finland and do not face the same challenges they did. Canada also already has an incredibly low infant mortality rate thanks to the hard work of those in our healthcare system.
We’re building new resources now to help inform parents. First, we believe that the boxes we produce provides a hands-on experience with the products parents will discover or may not know about. Second, we use the word “inform” instead of educate for a very important reason. We believe that it is important to help provide parents with access to information so that you can form your own decisions. We believe strongly that one of the cornerstones of prepared parenting is a sense of trust and confidence in one’s ability to listen to their family’s needs and decide the best course of action accordingly.
Baby Box Canada (becoming family.one) does not provide an education certificate. See “Do you have an education program?” for more details. Furthermore, we are concerned about the idea of an unaccredited baby “University”, as this, paired with a certificate may create the impression that preparing for “safe parenting” is determined based on this education.

Despite claims, there is no provincial “baby box” program in Ontario at this time and we are aware of no baby “university” education receiving accreditation. If one were, we would be concerned about the implication that such an education could be a precursor for baby licensing. Yikes!

We’re shipping nationally starting this spring. Please note: Box availability fluctuates monthly based on products provided by our partners.

Our program is about more than just a box.

As a member of Baby Box Canada (becoming family.one) you have access to our giveaways and other great programs.

This, our second year, will be bigger than last year. We have a lot of great new programs, and we’re adding unique opportunities in collaboration with partner programs that we’ll be announcing over the coming months. We’re also working on more age appropriate boxes and services for you that will be made available as your children grow.

Please rest assured that when we email you, we are doing so ONLY because we have something that specifically applies to you. When we have something that requires a digital interaction, we’ll email you once. On the other hand, if we have something that requires a physical interaction, like a box, we’ll email you repeatedly if need be, and even follow up with a personal email from our staff.

Please add *.babyboxcanada.org to your email whitelist (tell your email service never to send emails from our domain to spam). For instructions on how to do this, search google for “whitelist + your email client” i.e. gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.

The best way to ensure you receive your baby box is to get on the wait-list ASAP. Who receives their baby box first is based on a combination of expected due date and order of sign up (first come first serve).

Once! We’re working on availability for families with multiples.
We wish Baby Box Canada’s (becoming family.one) program was the first of its kind, but the truth is that Finland started the tradition over 75 years ago, and with great success. The program is actually a maternity grant and despite what some claim, the cardboard bassinet is but a small feature of the Finnish Program not even included in the product photo on their website. Also, only 2/3 of parents in Finalnd accept the box full of products, while the other 1/3 prefer the grant money (140EUR).
Each box contains a wide range of items you and your baby need at the beginning of your time bonding together, carefully selected to give all babies and equal start at life. Contents may vary monthly, including items such as blankets, toys, hygiene products and other items of interest. Everything in your baby box is provided by product sponsors and donations. If you produce baby products or want to contribute, let us know.
Our Boxes for newborns are designed to ensure your and every baby receives an equal start in life. We typically contact parents about baby boxes 2 months prior to birth, but register and we’ll do our best to reach out to you. Regardless, when you register you’ll gain access to our other great programs and partner opportunities as they roll out and you’ll make yourself available for other applicable boxes and opportunities we’re developing for you as your child and family grows.
Today! Register as early as possible, as we make boxes available on a first come first served basis.
That’s wonderful news! Please contact us, noting that you are interested In being a product sponsor. We’ll get in touch with you and work out the details.

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