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What is a Baby Box?
The baby box first originated as a Finnish tradition over 75 years ago. In the grips of an agricultural depression and infant mortality spike, the Finnish government realized a change was needed; parents-to-be needed all of the things necessary to care for their babies, but equally as important, they needed help identifying what those things were. This is what inspired Baby Box Canada (now
Leap forward 75 years: In Canada, parents find themselves facing similar challenges, but for very different reasons. Regardless of cost, a common issue exists amongst all parents: With so much information and an abundance of products and options, parents need help determining what items they’ll actually need for life with their newborn. 
What inspired Baby Box Canada (now to create a box for Canadians?

First, let’s clarify, the Finnish program isn’t about putting your baby to sleep in a box. Most of us don’t live in Disney World where Canadians are all plaid wearing, maple syrup eating lumberjacks that say “Eh” and “a-boot”. The Finnish tradition is a maternity grant, not a box for a baby to sleep in, of which 40% choose cash over a box of baby products and their “baby box” focusses on the contents, not the box itself.

This is what inspired Baby Box Canada’s program (now We needed a place to start and Ontario was selected because its Canada’s most populous province — home to nearly 40% of Canadians. Baby Box Canada’s goal is to make the Baby Box program available for all parents-to-be across Ontario by the end of 2016. By the end of 2017, Baby Box Canada plans to be available North America-wide.

This is how we’re doing it:


Baby Box Canada’s pilot program began by collecting early registration in Ontario! We’re now expanding into a national program called and broadening our services. Over 120,000 parents-to-be have already pre-registered. Sponsors and contributors are signing up too and many more are in the works, all working together to make an easy start for your baby-to-be.

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